Republic of Grass is a sense of place, a state of mind, a state of grace. It is a story that must be told to the next generation, a light to illuminate the right questions. Republic of Grass is an ancient homeland with many citizens and no definable boundaries. It can be inhabited, explored and cherished, but it cannot be owned. If this does not dismay you, you are heartily welcome here.
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cows & calves coyotes dickcissels diversity doing good while doing well dung beetles
ethics of enough experimental living family farms & ranches grass red-tail hawks Henslow's sparrows
heritage hospitality jackrabbits lifelong learning locally-grown food meadowlarks
native plants prairie chickens preserving the wild places randomness ravenous appetite for life recycling
reflective activism renewable energy scissortail flycatchers sense of place storytelling sustainable living
synchronicity tallgrass prairie upland sandpipers visionary mavericks wind wonderment
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R E P U B L I C   O F   G R A S S
of Grass
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We Are Citizens of the Republic of Grass

by Margy Stewart in
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